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What is this blog for?

I don’t really even know why I keep this blog/website around. I originally started the site many years ago to work on my html, and design skills. Eventually I rewrote it using the then new, XHTML and CSS and PHP. Then I again began building a content management system using PHP and MySql. Then I finally just redid the whole thing in WordPress and began learning how to customize WordPress. So that’s the technical part of

As far as content it has been a just a big mash up of stuff over the years. Personal stuff, MMA stuff, fitness stuff, work stuff, funny stuff, etc. I never wanted to make a blog for profit or really ever expected anyone to even read the damn thing. Someone recently read back through the archives and said to me that a lot of what I was writing seemed to be sad. That could be, honestly I really don’t know what’s all in here. She also said that 2011 I should have some happy stuff to write about. I agree and hope so. I also know that I won’t be writing in here regularly like I would like to, between being a single dad, starting my own start up company (, maintaining my house, taking care of the dogs, plus all the cleaning and cooking and laundry, I don’t have much time.

Oh well, I’ll just do what I can and hope for the best, that’s all we can do.

I suck at the blogging


What’s the saying the plumber’s toilet never works, or the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. I guess the Web designer’s website is never updated. I’ve just had a crap ton of stuff going on lately. I do have some ideas and a new layout that I want to try. Maybe in the next few weeks I might have some time to get to them.

Asian Movie Posters

Smashing Magazine had a awesome post today on 50 Stunning Asian Movie Posters. I think most people that know me know that I am a huge Asian movie fan, I remember watching Kung Fu theater on the USA Network way back in the 80s when I was a kid. Of course I was a total Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba fan. Then in high school I saw Akira and it just blew me away, I became a Japanimation (now known as Anime) fan right away. I still love to watch almost any Asian movie that I can find, everything from old shool martial arts movies, Hong Kong action, Japanese Samurai / period films, anything from Kurosawa (Seven Samurai FTW!), Asian horror, etc. There has been a huge surge in Anime over the past few years and it has been too difficult to even try to keep up with it all, for me anyway. I’m thankful that my sons have become Anime and Manga fans, Naruto, etc, well the oldest one anyway. I think my younger son could care either way, but he has become more of a Monty Python and British humor fan. Which is just as awesome in my opinion. At least we can always have something great we can all watch together. Now I’m off to go find some movies to watch.