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I suck at the blogging


What’s the saying the plumber’s toilet never works, or the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. I guess the Web designer’s website is never updated. I’ve just had a crap ton of stuff going on lately. I do have some ideas and a new layout that I want to try. Maybe in the next few weeks I might have some time to get to them.

I’m fine

I’m still alive. The headaches seemed to be gone for the most part and I was back in the gym after a couple weeks of resting. I have been busy with some side website projects and spending time with my sons. I’d like to say I’m going to be blogging more, but I know I won’t no one really cares anyway. I need to find some thing else to do with this website I suppose.

Facebook or Myspace

I had a Myspace profile for a couple years before I deleted it about a month or so ago. It just got too annoying with all the stupid bulletins, spammers and my own personal drama, which I don’t need to go into. So I had heard about Facebook and read that it was supposed to be the “smart persons” Myspace. So I created a profile there. But for me it seems to be too hard to find friends on there. I never graduated from a college, I don’t really have much of a social life within my network (Des Moines, IA). I tried adding some people from my gmail address book, which found a few people I knew, I even tried adding some people from work. I think I’m up to 13 friends? Most everyone I know is only on Myspace, sure Facebook has lots of third party add-ons that you can add to your page to interact with your Facebook friends, but if you don’t have many friends what good are they? I don’t want to just go around adding random people, that seems rather stalker-ish to me. I’ve always been in to music, movies and in the past few years MMA, and all that stuff and more is on Myspace.

Maybe I’m just not one of the “smart persons” that Facebook is made for.


On my 25min drive to work this morning on the heavily traveled I-80, I saw at least 10 deer in the fields. It’s not uncommon to see deer, I’ve on occasion seen so many deer gathered in fields along I-80 that it almost look like cattle. Iowa has a big problem with deer overpopulation. I’m certain that over the next few months I’ll see many deer that have been hit by cars or trucks. Which is sad both for the deer and the danger for the people driving. Iowans cannot hunt deer with high power rifles, only bow, shotgun, or black powder. There are lots of so called animal rights activists that cry over deer hunting, but I wonder how many of them have seen the death and damage caused by a vehicle hitting a deer? If they want to take all the deer and keep them in their backyard go ahead.

On a completely different topic, at work we have been looking at some P2P caching server stuff that looks pretty cool. Especially with online broadcasting getting bigger and bigger. I use Joost sometimes and it doesn’t do to bad. There is a 24 hour MMA channel which is pretty cool.

Anyway, I keep telling myself I want to learn to write better, and cook better. To do that I just need to do both more.

TUF Forum Theme

I have been working on a Greasemonkey script for The Ultimate Fighter Forum. This Tuf No Sig User Script. I started out trying to write a script that would remove all the stupid signatures people have on there. I ended up changing the colors and adding some graphics for a couple element backgrounds. If the site’s code was written better and had proper markup it would be a heck of a lot easier to fix with Greasemonkey. I’ll keep working on it.

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Get Greasemonkey
  3. Install the TUF Forum Theme

I’m not completely happy with the theme yet. I’ll keep working on it and try to get the sigs hidden, and maybe pretty up the theme some more.

Here’s a screen shot:

iSXSW Bound

I am off to Austin again this year for iSXSW. This will be my 3rd year there, and I have enjoyed each one. There is always lots to learn, both from the panels and from just sitting around and have conversations with all the people that you meet in the industry that travel to iSXSW.