Workout 0307

I’m going to try and start posting my workout again. It would be nice to have a training partner and spotter so I can work on getting my bench press numbers higher.

10 minutes of jump rope to warm up

Descending bench press on the Smith machine. This one is kind of hard to explain, but basically I start out setting the pins rather high so that I’m only doing a few inches of push with the bar. Then for each set I add weight and lower the pins a little more.
160×12 high pins, 180×10 mid pins, 205×6 low pins, 205×1 lowest, 180x3x2 lowest pins

Chin ups 8,7,6,5

Dips 8,7,6,5

Bent over row
65x10wu, 95×10, 115×8, 125×5

Decline bench
barx10wu, 135×10, 155×8, 165x6x2

Hanging leg raise 20, 15, 12 superset with
Standing cable crunch 20, 15, 12

Make your protein shakes more tasty

100whey5lbHere are a few tips I’ve picked up or made up to make protein shakes and smoothies taste a little better. I tend to buy bulk plain Vanilla whey protein powder. I also use bulk Creatine powder, Carnitine powder and BCAA from It’s so much cheaper that way, but man it tastes nasty!

A blender, probably obvious but I have both a large one and the small single serving kind. Also the whisk ball shaker is a favorite of mine.

Frozen banana slices, slice up some bananas and keep then in a baggie in the freezer. Toss a few in the blender with the whey and some milk. Much better than ice in my opinion. Thickens and adds good flavor.

Apple Pie spice, this one is a great quick and cheap flavoring to add to vanilla whey, either blended or just in the shaker. Really takes away the bitterness of the Creatine, Carnitine, and BCAA.

Splenda and cinnamon, another good mix of to have on hand. Mix some of each in a small spice shaker for a quick dash of flavor.

Frozen berries, these are great to add when you are mixing up a breakfast smoothie. Depending on the berry mix it can get seedy though.

I’m sure I have some other protein smoothie ides on this blog somewhere too. Feel free to add any more ideas or recipes. I’m always looking for more.

Meatloaf recipe

Several people have asked me about my meatloaf recipe. Over the past months I’ve tried several “muscle building” and low fat/carb/sugar meat loaf recipes. I have always loved meatloaf and since I am now single again I wanted to start cooking in bulk for several meals for the week. After several trial and error attempts this is the one I have been making regularly, I can cook it on Sunday and have about 5-6 meals for the next week or so.

Muscle Meatloaf

2 lbs ground meat (either turkey or quality beef, I prefer 93/7 beef)
4 whole eggs (I don’t separate whites, but you can do 2/2 if you want)
2 cups old fashioned oat meal
2 Tbsp BBQ sauce (I use Famous Daves Rich and Sassy)

Throw in various spices to taste. I don’t measure these so feel free to adjust or replace and mix and match as you want. These are some common ones in order from most to least that I use:
Cookies Seasoning or Old Bay Seasoning
Chili powder
Mrs Dash
Black Pepper

I don’t use ketchup because it’s so high in sugar and carbs, plus the little bit of BBQ sauce and spices add enough flavor. Sometimes I will put some hot sauce on the top before cooking.

Mix it all together and put in olive oiled meat loaf or other such baking pan. Cook at 350 degrees for 90 minutes. Remove from oven let cool and cut into servings and put in storage containers. I can usually get 5-6 meals if I cut it right.

Honestly I don’t know the detailed nutritional info on this, I have just tried to keep the protein high, fat and carbs reasonable, and sugar low.

I’m fine

I’m still alive. The headaches seemed to be gone for the most part and I was back in the gym after a couple weeks of resting. I have been busy with some side website projects and spending time with my sons. I’d like to say I’m going to be blogging more, but I know I won’t no one really cares anyway. I need to find some thing else to do with this website I suppose.

Head pain

On Tuesday I went to the gym to do a regular workout. I streched and warmed up a bit and did my normal back extensions no problem. Then I went to do just a simple bench press, nothing heavy just start out with 10 reps at 135lbs. But on the 7-8 rep my head started to hurt really bad with a shooting blinding pain. So I stopped, sat for a bit and walked it off to try and clear it. After a few minutes it seemed to calm down, so I tried again, same pain. I was like wtf? I rarely ever get headaches. I decided to give up on the bench and just do some simple dumb bell curls, I managed to get through a set but decided to give up on weight lifting for the evening and just do a boring 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

My head was still hurting, but not too bad. Wednesday and Thursday I felt pretty good so last night I was going to try again and get a normal workout, maybe a little lighter, depending on how it went. But sure enough as soon and I got in to some reps, terrible pain in my head. I was pissed. So I just went back home and let it all calm down.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment so we’ll see if anything is wrong or what. Since I don’t get headaches people keep telling me I need to get it checked out and not just “wait it out”. I really have no idea what it could be. I hope it’s nothing. I want to get back in to the gym, because other than work and my kids, I don’t really have anything else do to.

Asian Movie Posters

Smashing Magazine had a awesome post today on 50 Stunning Asian Movie Posters. I think most people that know me know that I am a huge Asian movie fan, I remember watching Kung Fu theater on the USA Network way back in the 80s when I was a kid. Of course I was a total Bruce Lee and Sonny Chiba fan. Then in high school I saw Akira and it just blew me away, I became a Japanimation (now known as Anime) fan right away. I still love to watch almost any Asian movie that I can find, everything from old shool martial arts movies, Hong Kong action, Japanese Samurai / period films, anything from Kurosawa (Seven Samurai FTW!), Asian horror, etc. There has been a huge surge in Anime over the past few years and it has been too difficult to even try to keep up with it all, for me anyway. I’m thankful that my sons have become Anime and Manga fans, Naruto, etc, well the oldest one anyway. I think my younger son could care either way, but he has become more of a Monty Python and British humor fan. Which is just as awesome in my opinion. At least we can always have something great we can all watch together. Now I’m off to go find some movies to watch.

My current workouts

Weight room 6
Since I moved out of the house into and apartment I wasn’t able to continue with my previous home gym workouts. Luckily there is a YMCA fairly close to where I live, there are a couple other gyms in Newton, but I decided to join the YMCA because I could get a single parent / kids membership at a good price and they also have an indoor pool and a nice youth recreation area where my kids can hang out while I did my workouts.

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New design and updated WordPress

I have finally got around to upgrading the WordPress on this here site/blog thingy. I am hoping to kick start myself to get back into blogging again. For awhile I just thought “who cares to read about my crap”, but I dunno, I guess some people do. Or at least some people seem to find this site and read a post or two. Years ago it seemed to get lots of random traffic and was high on search results for various things, brown spider, Debian neck tattoo, etc.

More than likely I will focus on my workouts, fitness, MMA, food, and things like that. Oh and I’m sure I’ll also ramble on about relationships and Web stuff too. I’ll make my self post about my workout later tonight. Now I have to or I’ll look like more of a jerk than I already am. Ha.

People in our lives

A wonderful person once told me, “People come in and out of our lives for reasons. Some good, some bad, some neither, some both.” I want to add to that, think of your time with them as a learning experience. Take what you want from it all, what will be good for you and discard the rest.”


Some of you probably already know this, but Jenny and I have separated. She has her reasons for wanting to and I just want to ask our friends to please don’t judge what we are doing, just give us both some support. All I want is for her to be happy.

Right now I am just trying to figure things out for myself, try and get through this as best as I can. It’s not going to be easy I know. But i have no other choice.

All I can do now is be the best dad I can be for my two wonderful sons.

I have since moved into an apartment, and so I don’t have access to my most of home workout equipment and heavy bag. I do have my dumbbells, stability ball, exercise bands, and elliptical. I also brought my tire and sledge hammer which I hope to use in the field next to the apartments.

But I will be joining the local YMCA to get in my daily workouts. Mainly for the social aspect and to also have some place to take my sons when they are with me. Newton has a fairly new Y that has indoor pool and other activities.

I will try to resume the regular sporadic posts relating to fitness, food, and what ever else on here.