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I am not a fan of squats

That's not me btw

I don’t like squats. I know why I do them, because they are “one of the big 4” in weight training. But I suck at them, I can’t push much weight. I don’t know if it’s my form, or my weird long legs, bad hip, or what. For days after squat day my thighs hurt so bad it’s hard to walk up and down the stairs. I think for the next few weeks I am going to skip the squats and just do leg press and dumb bell lunges.

Now dead lifts? I heart dead lifts. I can’t wait for my next training day on Saturday.

Workout 2 (01-26-10)

Squat: 3×135, 3×135, 3×155, 3×165
Alternating Dumbbell lunge (each side): 8×30, 8×30, 8×30
Back extension (holding a 25lb plate): 10,10,10

It was a short workout over lunch.

My current workouts

Weight room 6
Since I moved out of the house into and apartment I wasn’t able to continue with my previous home gym workouts. Luckily there is a YMCA fairly close to where I live, there are a couple other gyms in Newton, but I decided to join the YMCA because I could get a single parent / kids membership at a good price and they also have an indoor pool and a nice youth recreation area where my kids can hang out while I did my workouts.

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